The ASE Low Program is for students in 7th-9th grades.

This program targets students in 7th through 9th grade. This program allows suspended and expelled students to remain in school and continue with their school work. For high school students, it allows them to continue earning credits through the Novel Stars program. All students receive social interventions provided through a joint agreement with Bowen Center. Students learn skills that will allow them to be successful when they return to LMS/EMS/WCHS. Along with social interventions, students participate in vocational group to help them begin thinking about their future and why school is important. As restitution for being allowed to stay in school, students give back to the community by participating in bi-weekly community service projects.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire and equip all students to continuously acquire and apply knowledge and skills while pursuing their dreams and enriching the lives of others.

Strategic Planning

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