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“Share Shop”
Gateway Education Center

A great way to reduce the “excess” that many of us have!


This idea gives us an opportunity to directly help the students that we work with who are in need, instead of just dropping off a box at Goodwill.



Examples of items to bring in:


*Gently used clothing: pants, sweaters, shirts


*Seasonal-Wear—coats, gloves, hats, scarves, boots


*Professional wear for Interviews/Special Occasions: Dress shoes, dress pants, dress shirts and ties, Semi-formal dresses


*Extras: Purses, bookbags



Please leave stained/tattered/holey items at home. Our kids have enough of these already!



My idea is for these items to be FREE, naturally. However, t is a good idea to have a system of earning the items. In the real world, nothing is free! Students will have an opportunity to earn “Gateway Gold” tickets for purchases in the shop. Students may perform jobs such as classroom organization, cleaning, service around the school, or for behaviors such as simple respect, acts of kindness or as decided by classroom teacher.


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